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On March 28, 2018, Encinitas' City Council held a Council Goal Setting session at the Encinitas Library.  At this meeting, the top four focus areas for the City were reconfirmed.  They include: 

1. Attain a legally compliant Housing Element
2. Make the rail corridor a better neighbor
3. Improve connectivity and mobility for all users
4. Promote green initiatives and protect natural resources

These focus areas were first identified by Council at the April 18, 2017 planning session.  At that time, Council also identified the following as values or operating principles:

1. Protecting community character/agricultural programs
2. Financial sustainability

The City's Strategic Plan was developed in 2013 and contains the Council's Vision, Mission, Operating Principles and Strategic Focus Areas.  View the Strategic Plan document  (PDF)

Featured Projects

The City follows the guidelines above when moving forward with projects, embarking on studies or programs, or implementing policy.

Active Projects & Projects Completed in the Current Fiscal Year


The City of Encinitas released its first ever annual report in April 2018. The 2017 Annual Report highlights just a few of the City's achievements, recaps projects in the last year, and lets residents know what the future projects the City will be working on. Read the online version below.